• I received my suit today and happened to be in the process of some serious bee business. After a break to let the swarmed bees settle, I had more things I needed to do in the bee yard with other bees, so I tried out my new suit. Unbelievable the difference! The coolness, the ease of movement, the visibility out of the veil, all 100% improvement over my other suit! I moved the swarmed bees later in the evening and I couldn't stop marveling at the suit again! I have a feeling it will feel like Christmas for a while every time input on my suit! Thank you!

    Jennifer, Indiana

  • Did I mention "I LOVE my suit!”? I don't get stung when I'm wearing it, and some of the bees here in Arizona are pretty nasty!

    Thanks again, Sydney

  • I know you hear this a lot, but the Ultra Breeze is the BEST. I did a cut out with some very upset bees and never took a sting wearing the jacket. I wish I could say the same for my other full suit!

    Omer, Wisconsin

  • I bought this suit as a birthday gift for a friend who is in love with my suit, which I too am in love with. Amazing to wear it in sweltering New York City 100F and 98% humidity and not feel any extra heat at all, amazing!

    Chase from Brooklyn Grange Bees, Brooklyn NY

  • Just received my suit yesterday afternoon. Great fit, very comfortable, and that hive of bees that went hot last summer and hasn't been opened up since last July has been inspected and has a new super on top. Later this spring there will be a new queen in there too!Old man Kelly said he could see that I was "covered up" in bees from where he stood about 100 yards away and I didn't receive a single sting. Can't wait for this summer and working on my hives in just shorts and a tee shirt (and my Ultra Breeze suit of course).

    Thanks again. Bob, Alabama

  • We live in a hot climate, and with a little bit of wind blowing the heat is barely noticeable. I love how the suit is made - just a high quality item. With my other suits, once they get wet, I get stings through them - not with the Ultra Breeze.

    Rob, Australia

  • All I can say is wow love the jacket!!! Best I have seen. I would have no problem wearing this baby all day long. The only part of beekeeping I dread is wearing the bee clothes but not now. I wish I’d bought The Ultra Breeze a long time ago. I picked the jacket up from the mailbox, put it on over my work clothes, and after working all day in the heat, I had no urge to take it off like I do with all other suits and jackets. People like me that have been on the fence about spending the money need to see it, wear it and they would own it. The Ultra Breeze is American made with pride the way it used to be. Great job!. Please feel free to use me as a reference. Again thank you.

    Ralph, Arizona

  • Thanks so very much, the wonderful bee suit arrived yesterday and fits me PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!! I love the quality and the detail. I can't wait for my bees to arrive in April so I can give it a spin in the new bee yard. My husband has already asked me to quit wearing it around the house because the neighbors have begun to talk. LOL

    Thanks again. Cathy

  • Just a brief Thank you, I received my suit 2 days earlier than expected and it fits well. I did have occasion to work with a friend (mentor) in several yards today and dealt with 2 very hot hives. The Ultra Breeze is incredible, not a sting on me, unfortunately I can't say the same for my mentor.

    Thank you, I just love this suit. Lindsey, Tennessee

  • "No 1 Satisfied Customer" Thanks for building the world’s best (and coolest!) bee suit! I work in the desert in Southern California in 100 deg. temperature covered in African bees. Without The Ultra Breeze suit, I could not do this. Thanks Again!

    Yours Truly, Harry, California