We have provided a list of answers ot the most frequently asked questions in the
FAQ section. If you have further questions , please contact us.

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Maximizing sting protection?

Although no beekeeping suit can claim to be sting proof, many people just wear shorts and a t-shirt with their Ultra Breeze® because the three layers of fabric offer outstanding sting protection. To maximize this protection, carefully close the zippers all the way and seal the Velcro properly. On the hood, press down firmly above where the two zippers come together to seal the Velcro. Please inspect your veil periodically to make sure that it is in good condition. Finally, before you put the suit on, make sure you don’t have a bee on you already, and hey – no sandals…

Care instructions?

To Wash – Remove the hood and wash it by hand to avoid catching the veil in Velcro. (Some people place the hood within their suit to wash in the machine.) The body of the suit/jacket can be machine washed in warm water. Zip up the zippers and close Velcro tabs before washing. Do not use bleach and do not wring by hand. Lay flat to dry.

Zippers can be lubricated with Zippy Cool (can be ordered on Amazon) or Paraffin (or beeswax supplied by your bees).

Smokers are hot – keep them away from your Ultra Breeze® to avoid damaging it (the fabric may melt). If you damage your suit or jacket, email us at to request a fabric swatch that can be used for repairs.

Removing and putting on the hood?

Removing the hood. On the zipper, there are two zipper stops (these are the ends that stop the zipper from going further). One is longer than the other (the long stops are on the right center side of the suit/jacket and hood as you face them). Slide the two sliders (these are the tabs that you pull) all the way to the long stop in the front (R side). The two sliders must be really close to each other (essentially touching and to the final end of the long stop). Hold the sliders with your left hand on the hood side. With your right hand, hold the suit and pull the suit to the right. The suit will separate from the hood. This works just like a zipper on a winter coat.

Putting the hood on the suit. Basically, you do the reverse of the above. Slide the two sliders (these are the tabs that you pull) on the hood side zipper all the way to the long stop. Remember the two sliders must be really close to each other (essentially touching and to the final end of the long stop). Then thread the suit side zipper through the two sliders (just like on a jacket). Then the slider facing away from the long stop can be zipped all the way around which brings the suit and hood together.

Yellow jackets, wasps and black flies - oh my!

Many professional exterminators use the Ultra Breeze® suit to protect them from wasps and yellow jackets. When the black flies are out, people in Maine wear them to cut the grass. However, no suit can claim to be 100% sting proof. If you have a problem with wasps and yellow jackets, you may wish to contact a professional exterminator.

Is the Ultra Breeze® cooler than other suits?

Conventional suits are made of tightly woven fabrics. These fabrics retain your body heat causing the temperature in the suit to rise. In contrast, your body heat can escape with the Ultra Breeze® because our suits and jackets are made entirely with ventilated fabric (other than the hive tool pocket). In addition, the ventilated fabrics provide the depth needed to avoid stings. As a result, you do not need to wear heavy clothes underneath our suits.

Returns and exchanges for purchases from our website?

  • We gladly accept returns and exchanges of UNUSED suits and jackets within 30 days of purchase.
  • Please try your Ultra Breeze® on when it arrives. Stretch, bend and reach to see if it fits to your liking. If not, please box it up and send it back for a return or exchange (indicate the size you want).
  • Items must be returned in their original condition, and will be inspected upon receipt. Any worn or damaged items will be returned to you, and we will not be able to accept exchanges or refunds after the item has been used.
  • We are very sorry but we do not reimburse shipping costs.
  • If you purchased an Ultra Breeze® from another distributor, please contact them for returns and exchanges. A word of warning -- there are companies falsely claiming to sell the Ultra Breeze® in violation of our US Trademark. If you have a question about whether someone is an authorized distributor of the Ultra Breeze®, please email us at

Shipping within the United States?

Shipping to you is free within the Continental United States. Orders from Alaska and Hawaii are charged for shipping when you place your order. We do not cover return shipping. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.

International shipping?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer international shipping.

How long until I receive my order?

Domestic orders ship usually ship from Oklahoma the same day or next day, depending on the time you place your order. You can get an estimate of when your order will arrive by referring to the time in transit map provided below. Delivery takes between 1-5 business days depending on how close you are to Oklahoma. We do not ship overnight.