Welcome to Ultra Breeze Suits – Where Comfort Meets Protection

Our Story

Ultra Breeze® Suits is a company born out of passion and necessity. Bill, an accountant by training and a devoted beekeeper at heart, experienced the challenges of tending to bee hives in the scorching heat of Oklahoma. It was these challenging conditions that inspired Bill to embark on a mission: to create a bee suit that redefined the beekeeping experience.

The Birth of the Ultra Breeze®

The result of Bill's determination and innovation was the Ultra Breeze® bee suits and jackets. With a vision to craft beekeeping suits and jackets that were not only protective but also exceptionally cool, comfortable, and sting-resistant, the Ultra Breeze® came into being. Bill's pursuit of excellence led to the birth of a suit that would revolutionize beekeeping attire.

A Legacy of Continuous Improvement

Bill's journey did not end with the creation of the Ultra Breeze®. Fueled by ongoing conversations with fellow beekeepers, he remained committed to refining and enhancing his suits and jackets. The Ultra Breeze® evolved into the pinnacle of protective beekeeping clothing, setting a new industry standard.

A Sad Farewell

Tragically, Bill passed away unexpectedly in 2010, leaving behind a legacy that had touched the hearts and lives of countless beekeepers. The response from the beekeeping community was overwhelming. Many shared their stories and expressed their gratitude for Bill and the Ultra Breeze® he had given them.

A Heartfelt Tribute

As one beekeeper aptly put it, "Today is a sad day for old, fat hobbyists like me who will again have to chance heatstroke when our Ultra Breeze® suits wear out. Hope his family carries on. Thank you, Bill, for a most pleasant experience working with the bees this year!"

Continuing Bill's Legacy

In the face of such heartfelt support and appreciation, Bill's family made a resolute commitment. They pledged to carry forward his vision and dedication to the beekeeping community. Bill's legacy lives on through their unwavering dedication to producing and refining the Ultra Breeze® bee suits and jackets for the benefit of beekeepers everywhere, all in Bill's memory.

Our Promise

At Ultra Breeze® Suits, we honor Bill's legacy by remaining steadfast in our commitment to creating and improving the Ultra Breeze® bee suits and jackets. We are dedicated to providing beekeepers with the finest protective clothing, designed to make your beekeeping experiences cool, comfortable, and sting-resistant. As we continue to refine and enhance our products, we ensure that Bill's spirit lives on in every suit we produce.

Join us in making every day a pleasant day to work with your bees, just as Bill envisioned, and let the Ultra Breeze® be your trusted companion on your beekeeping journey.